Protecting your eyewear couldn't be easier or more discreetly stylish. Handcrafted in fine calf leather and vegetable-dyed in a range of carefully selected colours, the Lensrappa has been designed to provide durable protection for your lenses with the minimum of fuss. 

Hidden in the protective lining, the magnets of a Lensrappa neatly snap together below the bridge of the spectacles, wrapping the lenses securely while the arms fold outside. Glasses can be easily slipped in and out of a pocket or bag without bulk, effort, and certainly without spoiling the line of your jacket. Simplicity itself.

An essential accessory for anyone with one or more pairs of glasses in their lives, the Lensrappa makes an ideal gift and each comes presented in a beautiful box.

Such a clever little thing, it is an EU Registered Design: 006376513.